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berkeley public access [Jun. 3rd, 2007|08:00 pm]
Princeton University Class of 2009

i just recorded this off of tv. i'm not lying.
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damn [May. 31st, 2006|10:42 pm]
Princeton University Class of 2009
Yesterday I started getting friend requests from members of the class of 2010, of which I (in case you didn't know) will soon be a member. The torch has been passed!
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(no subject) [May. 31st, 2006|01:20 pm]
Princeton University Class of 2009
What's everyone up to this summer?
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KALAA [Dec. 8th, 2005|09:32 am]
Princeton University Class of 2009

[mood |happyhappy]

Come to the KALAA show this weekend! Friday at 8, Saturday at 2 at the Frist Film and Performance Theater! Tickets are $3 and Student Events Eligible!
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:( [Oct. 25th, 2005|07:34 pm]
Princeton University Class of 2009
[mood |curiouscurious]

So, this community kind of died; I know it's midterm time, but if anyone's still on the community:

-How are you liking school?
-Any drama, roommate or otherwise?
-Have you met me? Did you say hi? (If not, please do so. I'm totally nice, I promise!)
-Are things how you expected?

Yay someone respond so I don't feel like a loser (You know you want to, Susan). :)
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(no subject) [Aug. 31st, 2005|01:11 pm]
Princeton University Class of 2009

[mood |stressedstressed]

Hey everyone.

I was going to do OA, but because of the hurricane (I now hate all people named Katrina by association), I'm going to be stuck here for another few days, doing clean-up.


I'm still going up to Princeton a few days early; I think I'll probably get there on the 7th. Who else is going up a day or two early, and do y'all want to meet up or something the night before Orientation begins? I thought someone who lives remotely near the area could suggest a restaurant or something, and we could meet up for dinner. Who's with me?
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(no subject) [Aug. 30th, 2005|05:02 pm]
Princeton University Class of 2009
heyyyyyy, is anyone else here doing community action? if so, holla back~!
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HUM Summer Reading [Aug. 29th, 2005|12:13 am]
Princeton University Class of 2009

Okay, let's be honest: how far have people who've applied for the HUM sequence gotten in the summer reading assignment? With less than a week to go (for anyone going on OA/CA), we're getting down to the wire...

I've finished The Iliad and am about halfway through The Odyssey. I haven't really started the Bible yet.
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Hurricane Katrina [Aug. 28th, 2005|06:55 pm]
Princeton University Class of 2009

Alright, so I'm on the eastern edge of where Katrina will probably hit. Anyone else in the monster's path? If you are, my thoughts are with you, and PLEASE don't do anything stupid, like going out in the storm. I don't want to lose any classmates before school even starts.
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a similar question to my last one... [Aug. 28th, 2005|12:49 am]
Princeton University Class of 2009

hopefully some non 09ers students can help answer this...

how easy is it to take courses when you havent had the prerequisites? this also ties into my last question. does anyone check through this, or do you just register via SCORE and nobody notices?

my calc scores on the AP exam werent good enough to place me into second-year calc, but i think i'd like to try it anyway.
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